About us

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then chair design is in the comfort of the bottom!

But creating chairs that are comfy is only part of our success at TheoMac… We are believers that a great chair needs to be fit for purpose for both the user and its environment.

The designers at TheoMac Design Studio have been recognised with numerous international design awards and accolades. Their latest collection, Nobby and mates, is designed and manufactured with a deep understanding of material technology. It has a generous helping of physics, a good eye for design, and a whole lot of love and care.

We sincerely believe that a piece of furniture conceived, designed and built with passion and forethought will be less damaging to the environment by simple means of its longevity…

In essence, we strive to design and build each one of our pieces with innate qualities. These will be valued not just by this generation, but the next and the next…

If a product functions well, is easy to look after, has easily replaceable parts, has a unique timeless aesthetic, is easy to move and store, creates a strong user-product relationship, and has been consciously selected by the owner, then it is likely to be valued and treasured for many years to come… The fact that furniture designed by the Eames’s, Arne Jacobson and others from the 50’s & 60’s is still in high demand today stand testimony to this.


With Nobby and his mates, we believe we have achieved all of the above


The upholstery fabric is often the weakest point in a chair. So for this reason we have designed Nobby and his mates to be easily stripped down and reupholstered. Thus extending its viability for many, many years. So whether you’ve used your Nobby so often that you’ve made him threadbare, or your wanting a fresh new look. You can give him a new lease of life without too much strife!

Nobby will soon be joined by his mates Rodney, Buster, Ernest, Earl, Nora and Marilyn so please keep an eye on our website, or send us an email at nobby@theomac.com and register to receive our weekly newsletter “Nobby’s News” which features articles from across the world of design and creativity.